Performance Testing Certification in JMeter & BlazeMeter

Learn how to use two industry-leading tools for running performance tests and be accompanied by mentors!


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Course Summary

In order to optimize a web or mobile application, or to assist with the sizing of the infrastructure required for it to function properly, we need to prepare and execute load simulations using the proper tools. That’s what performance testing is about.

What will I learn?

    Upon completing the certification, you will master the fundamental concepts of performance testing, and will be able to come up with a load execution simulating concurrent users from different countries. The three main course areas are:

  • Introduction to performance testing concepts

  • Automation and preparation of load tests in JMeter

  • Execution in BlazeMeter

Our teaching methodology includes:

  • Segmented 1-5 minute-long instructive videos

  • Written reference material

  • Fun and practical exercises for everyday use

  • Forums and continuous online assistance

  • Evaluation quizzes

  • Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Some background knowledge of the software development process

  • Understanding of the HTTP protocol (recommended)

  • HTML (recommended)

  • Web architectures (recommended)

  • Scripting and coding concepts (variables, constants, parameters, values)

Course Syllabus

Meet the Instructors

  • Federico Toledo


    Federico has over 10 years of experience in consulting, research and testing related to the area of development as well as more than 7 years of teaching experience at various universities. He has published scholarly articles and is frequently invited to participate in international conferences and seminars. He recently published “Introduction to Information Systems Testing,” one of the first books in Spanish on testing with a practical approach.

  • Leticia Almeida

    Computer Engineer

    Leticia is passionate about improving the performance of IT systems. She holds a degree in computer engineering and is a certified BlazeMeter performance tester. She has gained many years of experience while working as a professional tester at Abstracta, analyzing the performance of applications built upon multiple technologies. She has lead various test teams and managed performance projects for clients from all corners of the world such as the USA, Latin America, and Japan.

  • Lucía Lavagna

    Testing Leader

    Lucía is an integral testing team member at Abstracta who is instrumental in projects for many clients, namely Verifone, a leader in the fintech industry, delivering innovative payment solutions in 150 countries. For Verifone, she automated functional tests, executed them, and reported the results all using JMeter and BlazeMeter. Today she leads Abstracta’s performance testing team that runs tests over the BlazeMeter platform.

Reviews of this Course

Channing Luden, USA

QA Engineer at Renaissance Learning

"Abstracta Academy does an excellent job in breaking down the mystery and complexity surrounding performance testing. Their course on performance testing with JMeter provides a great entry point for testing professionals looking to start their journey into the performance testing world..."

Alexander Podelko

Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Performance Engineering at Oracle

"A very good introduction in performance testing with JMeter and Blazemeter - covering all steps you need to know from the very beginning to running full-scale performance tests. A nice combination of information, video, and instructor feedback makes it quite entertaining. The related topics needed for better understanding are covered too. For example, I like the way the discussion about the HTTP protocol is integrated into the training. A great way to do first steps in performance testing - and I hope that Abstracta Academy continues with more advanced classes."

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Introduction to performance testing

Here you will learn about JMeter and BlazeMeter in order to prepare the kind of load simulation you have to do for performance testing and optimization of websites and mobile applications on the server side.


JMeter basics

You will learn more about JMeter. In the first module we have seen the introduction to performance testing and some basic concepts of JMeter.


JMeter advanced

Here you will learn more about JMeter. In the second module we have seen the basic concepts of JMeter and we have learned how to create a script. Let's get into the more advanced details.


BlazeMeter, performance testing in the cloud

In this module we will finish with the whole process of preparing a load scenario in the BlazeMeter cloud. You already know how to create and run a test using JMeter, so now we want to teach you the best way to run your test for thousands users.