Software Test Analyst Certification 2.0

Gain the knowledge and skills you need in order to work as a test analyst for software applications.


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    16 weeks

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Course Summary

With the software tester certification you will quickly have access to professional opportunities in a growing area of technology. This certificate includes knowledge and skills that you need to work as a software testing analyst.

What will I learn?

    Upon completing the certification, you will master the fundamental concepts of software testing, being able to run functional tests that improve the quality of applications, and you will know about:

  • The software development process and the role of a tester within it.

  • The incident life cycle and how to categorize and prioritize incidents.

  • What a tester should consider when working with mobile and web systems.

  • Reporting and monitoring "bugs " - documentation , categorization and prioritization.

  • Interpreting and executing test cases.

  • Handling incident management tools.

  • Basic testing design (equivalence partitions and limit values).

  • Everything related to job search (how to make a CV, cover letter, simulating a job interview, create a profile on LinkedIn and more).

  • Incident management tools and test cases (LeanTesting , Mantis, Testlink).

  • Soft skills.

Our teaching methodology includes:

  • Instructive videos, segmented into shorter units, with a duration of 1 to 5 minutes.

  • Written reference material.

  • Practical exercises for everyday use.

  • Forums and continuous online assistance.

  • Evaluation quizzes.

Prerequisites and Requirements:

  • Basic IT knowledge (mail, documents, spreadsheets, etc).

  • Programming knowledge is not needed.

  • No previous technical requirements.

Course Syllabus

  • Federico Toledo


    Federico has over 10 years of experience in consulting, research and testing related to the area of development as well as more than 7 years of teaching experience at various universities. He has a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and graduated cum laude from University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain with a PhD in testing. While receiving his doctorate, he was a part of the eminent Alarcos Research Group which received the 2008 Quality Award in R&D, awarded by the Association of engineers of Castilla-La Mancha and the Federation of Enterprises of Technology. He has published scholarly articles and is frequently invited to participate in international conferences and seminars. He recently published “Introduction to Information Systems Testing,” one of the first books in Spanish on testing with a practical approach.

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Introduction to the world of Testing

Here you will be introduced to the basics of technology that you need to know in order to work as a tester. You will learn what testers do, their functions, and the importance of their role and their work.


Understanding Software Development

You will understand how the software is built, and the different methodologies for this, especially agile methodology, which is the main driver of modern development. We will see the necessary roles in the process and their responsibilities, as well as the documentation and artifacts generated and used in each stage. And of course, we will see how we participate in each of these points.


Test cases and incidents reporting

In this module we will work on tests; their definition, design and techniques. We will also see what a bug is, how to report and register them in an efficient way. You will know about management tools and a lot more!


More Skills and Finding Work

Here we will see how to work in teams, self-organization techniques and we will explain everything you need to know to find a job.